Friday, April 11, 2014

"The Charge" is finished.

"The Charge"is ready to hang on your wall!

After a journey that started more than a year ago, (you can read the gory details in my June, July and September 2013 posts) my interpretation of the charge of the First Minnesota Regiment at Gettysburg is painted, scanned, printed, signed and numbered . . . and waiting for you to buy it and hang it someplace prominently in your home or office.

Just before the signing and numbering began . . .

It was printed by Husom and Rose of Hager City, Wisconsin, a fine shop run by two artists who know their stuff.

 For years, other people had hired me to paint, reproduced my work and printed vast numbers - none of which ever sold out, or even came close, as far as I know.  This time, the entire project was mine, and I determined to "do it up right" by making a limited - edition just that.  Limited. It is limited to 47 regular prints, 4 artist's proofs (these last 4 have small, hand-drawn remarque sketches) and 2 special reserve prints.

I have added remarque sketches to the Artist's Proofs and the 2 special reserve prints.

The number 47 has special significance to historians of the First Minnesota.  As the battered remnants of the regiment gathered around the shredded remains of their flag right after the charge, there were only 47 men standing.  Although others rejoined the regiment that evening, that initial roll call no doubt stunned the survivors.

I am happy to say that as I type this we have already sold all the Artist's Proofs and 12 of the regular print, and I am thrilled that folks like this work.

The painting ( and yours truly) is shown briefly in these videos made by the Minnesota Historical Society and Antietam Creek Press -

 David Geister: Civil War Artist Minnesota Remembers: Battle of Gettysburg, 1863 and "The Charge" painting unveiling at Gettysburg.

If you are interested in a copy of "The Charge", please go to my website "store" (click here) for details and send me a message.  I will be most happy to accept your hard-earned money and in return I will send you this labor of love.


  1. Beautiful, and fantastic detail. I hope the prints will do very well for you!

  2. Even on a computer screen, I can see the remarkable job they did for you. This painting, IMO, is one of your best, and you've done some pretty outstanding work. I've said it before, when you invited Ed and me up to see it, I got vertigo, literally vertigo! I felt like I was seeing the battle as a bird would see it. Ed just said last night how you managed to convey the confusion of being in that kind of battle, with clarity of how it was actually happening.

  3. Thanks - I appreciate your comments - vertigo, indeed!!